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Schools are experiencing pressure like never before, especially for special education. We offer:

  • Educational software for hybrid and distance learning
  • Professional development courses for your district
  • IEP Goal tracking software made 1-click easy

Investing in your school’s tools and systems pays huge dividends for your staff and students!

Brain Power Solutions

Innovative products for the new world of schooling.


We know that IEP goal tracking is a huge challenge for teachers, especially with hybrid or distance learning models! Our fundamentally new software is making it easier than ever before.

Log events in a single click, create progress reports automatically, save and time.

Brain Power Academy™

Brain Power Academy’s PowerPD are short and practical Professional Development opportunities that will empower your teachers to help students meet their social-emotional needs, both in the classroom and remotely.

Created by our team of educators, doctors, and neuroscientists with your concerns in mind!

Empowered Brain™

Based on years of research and clinical testing by doctors and neuroscientists from Harvard and MIT, Empowered Brain™ is the world’s first wearable system that helps students with autism, ADHD, and other social-emotional challenges learn the life skills crucial for happy self-sufficiency.

Empowered Brain™ is ideal for distance learning over video links such as ZOOM or for in-classroom use, and has been tested in multiple environments.

What is Empowered Brain™?

Empowered Brain™ is the world’s first wearable system that helps students with autism, ADHD, and other social-emotional challenges learn the life skills crucial for happy self-sufficiency.

How does it work?

The general concept of Empowered Brain is simple but powerful:

Your student looks through a wearable computer screen and gets points for performing social behaviors with you and others.

The real-time reinforcement builds social-emotional skills and self confidence, and creates data for progress reports. 

What is Brain Power Academy?

In 2020, we entered a new era of education, and many schools were given a huge task to update their learning models, but were given no resources for how to accomplish this. Brain Power Academy helps to bridge that gap. We provide online, self-paced educational courses for teachers and school districts; from distance-learning to stress management to goal tracking. 

Brain Power is an approved Provider of Professional Development in Special Education and Comprehensive Health. Our PowerPD units are designed to help you teach social-emotional skills to your students and guide them to reach their full potential.


  • Earn PDPs for license renewal
  • Self-paced learning to meet your COVID-19 era needs
  • Evidence-based professional learning
  • Practical, ready-to-apply strategies for you and your students

Brain Power empowering teachers at Plymouth South

What is fastIEP?

One of the most frustrating aspect of an educator’s job is goal tracking. Completing IEP reports is essential for schools, yet the tools available for accomplishing this are incredibly poor. 

fastIEP is the solution. Finally, goal and progress tracking made simple. Our software is simple, flexible, and ideal for distance learning as well as in-classroom setups. 

fastIEP is ready for you, and it is FREE to try!


  • No more spreadsheets or post-its!
  • Save Time!
  • Recover time you could use for actual teaching, and for time with your own children.
  • Log events with a single click; watch fastIEP graph the data for you automatically. 
  • Use it from any device. 
  • Be confident you know EXACTLY how all your students are progressing for the IEP meeting, or a random parent inquiry. 

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Case Studies

New Bedford High School

Identifying Indications of ADHD Using Data from Gamified Software on Google Glass

Brain Power has supported New Bedford High School and its commitment to academic excellence for special needs students since forming a partnership in 2018. Excited by the school’s openness to innovative technology and scientific exploration, Brain Power approached New Bedford High School to initiate a pilot research study, with the goal of exploring how behavioral data collected through gamified software on Google Glass could provide insight about autistic members of the student population.

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Plymouth Middle School

Empowered Brain Social Skills Intervention in Plymouth South Middle School

Early in its company history, Brain Power developed a partnership with Plymouth South Middle School (PSMS) due to a mutual commitment to serving special needs students. In Fall 2017, a student on the autism spectrum at PSMS and his mother were drawn to Brain Power’s Empowered Brain technology and its ability to facilitate social-emotional learning through novel approaches.

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Chandler Elementary School

Reducing the Effects of Autism Spectrum Disorder on Student Success Using Heads-Up Technology

Near the close of 2017, Sara Gaynor, an Early Childhood/Special Needs Educator at theChandler School, reached out to the Brain Power team to initiate a relationship between theschool and Brain Power. Having witnessed marked improvements in her own son’s social skillsfollowing his use of Brain Power’s social-emotional learning software in his middle schoolcurriculum, Sara sought to explore using the software with her students. She introduced Brain Power to the Chandler School’s administrative and special education teams to launch a research initiative at the school.

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This could be a game changer for people on the spectrum all over the world!

Lisa Hughes, CBS News TV anchor

Empowered Brain™ Evidence

Empowered Brain really works, but don’t take our word for it. Learn what educators and real scientific research have to say! 


As recent times have proved, science matters! Empowered Brain is evidence-based, with proven results from scientific studies. Careful clinical studies in the first 4 years of our company have revealed data showing that Empowered Brain works – for both autism and ADHD.


“What I like about this technology is that you’re interactive with it; you have to be interactive with it. Whereas with anything else, you’re just sitting there and you’re very insular.” 

Andrea Harrison, Mother of a child on the spectrum & Public School Educator

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