Our Vision:
  • To Empower Every Brain!
Our Mission:
  • To create products and services that benefit people with invisible neural challenges, their families, and their teachers.
Our Values:
  • Diversity. We believe in surrounding ourselves with people who think differently in order to get the most perspectives.
  • Efficacy. We believe real scientific research is critical to making the best products with the greatest benefit.
  • Adaptability. We believe in quickly shifting to accommodate new conditions, and helping others do the same.
  • Passion. We believe our actions matter, and we care deeply about bringing this mindset into all of our work.

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Our Story

Brain Power, LLC, is a mission-based neuroscience tech startup headquartered in Cambridge, MA, with strong ties to MIT, Harvard, and Stanford. We hire the best and brightest from around the world and maintain a fully virtual, work-from-anywhere company paradigm.

Our flagship product suite, called Empowered Brain, includes apps that help children (or adults) on the autism spectrum learn what other people are feeling; deliver videogame-like coaching on face-directed gaze; tutor reading and conversation skills; help users reduce repetitive motor behaviors and underlying stress; give teachers and parents numerical progress reports; and much more. We have successful customers living in 10 countries, and in schools in the US.

Our systems run on smartglasses such as Google Glass or competing headsets from Epson, Intel, and others. (Note: Google (X) recently released the third version of Glass. Brain Power is one of their few partners (listed here), allowing us to resell the device and access many resources specially for partners.)

We also have developed apps that address needs related to traumatic brain injury, job (re-)training, job coaching, eldercare, and objective measurement of behavior in support of clinical trials. Our overall aim, that binds these together, is to unlock the potential of the challenged brain. We are a truly and deeply mission-focused company.

More recently, we have leveraged our neuroscience and education expertise to create Brain Power Academy, an online school offering teachers evidence-based professional development content focused on social-emotional learning, special education and distance learning.

Our Team

We are neuroscience PhDs, medical doctors, former teachers, world-class software engineers, designers, managers, employees with autism— an overall diverse and passionate team! Our company was born of the vision of our founder Dr. Ned T. Sahin. As always, our vision is to Empower Every Brain!

We are all here to help you, and in these uncertain times, we also rely on your help. Please spread the word!

Data Privacy

Brain Power is a proud member of the Massachusetts Student Privacy Alliance.

This means we have signed the “Massachusetts Student Data Privacy Agreement” which sets a high standard for how we protect student data, not just in Massachusetts but everywhere in the United States.

Praised by Congress

We were featured by the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP), for our successful technology to assist people with autism to get jobs. The CDMRP is funded by the US Congress – outside and above the NIH.

80% of people with autism (even those who complete college) end up unemployed. Being chronically denied employment is damaging to mental health and dignity.The US Congress recognized that Empowered Brain teaches skills that open the gateway to employment (e.g., looking toward an interviewer/boss, self-calming, or mastering the transitions and routines of a workday). Through their Medical Research Program, they awarded a highly-competitive multi-year grant to us (the first time ever to a company not a university). With it, we improved and clinically tested Empowered Brain, toward unlocking the oft-hidden power of the autistic brain via digital job-focused training and on-the-job remote coaching.

We completed the grant project so successfully that the Government proactively reached out and featured us – first in their internal book of success stories, then on their publicly accessible website.

Read the feature article on the Congressional website HERE. (Or download the PDF or JPEG.)

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We are proud of our close partnerships with leading entities, and grateful for their help in shaping the company and our offerings.


Empowered Brain and our founder, Dr. Ned T. Sahin, have received dozens of awards – including ones for science, technology, autism advocacy, assistive tech, and software.