Helping Families

The world has never encountered the new myriad challenges that have resulted from the pandemic, and families are feeling the pressure like never before. 

With Brain Power, you can:

  • Use our software for hybrid and distance learning
  • Easily implement at-home schooling
  • Reduce your personal stress and burden

All with our trusted and verified Empowered Brain™ system, now available for home use. Learn more below!

Your child with autism is suddenly schooling from home:

How do you ensure they are engaged, occupied, and learning to handle anxiety and uncertainty?

What is Empowered Brain?

Based on years of research and clinical testing by doctors and neuroscientists from Harvard and MIT, Empowered Brain™ is the world’s first wearable system that helps students with autism, ADHD, and other social-emotional challenges learn the life skills crucial for happy self-sufficiency.

Empowered Brain™ is ideal for distance learning over video links such as ZOOM or for in-classroom use, and has been tested in multiple environments.

How it Works

The general concept of Empowered Brain is simple but powerful:

Your child looks through a wearable computer screen and gets points for performing social behaviors with you and others.

The real-time reinforcement builds social-emotional skills and self confidence, and creates data for progress reports.

Benefits for Your Family

Powered by cutting-edge technology and AI-based gamification, Empowered Brain teaches social-emotional literacy through short, game-like sessions based in the psychology of learning.



Your child does not have to wear the our computerized glasses all day. S/he uses them for 10-minute daily sessions that focus on one skill at a time.

With repeated practice and our gamified reinforcement, s/he gradually learns the skill, and the self-confidence to use it.


Your Child will Engage with You

Many on the spectrum struggle to engage, and other autism apps keep them looking down toward phones and tablets in their hands. Brain Power’s solution is naturally heads-up and hands-free, and encourages social interaction: with you and the rest of the real world.

At-home Schooling, Deluxe!

Your unique child deserves high-quality, customized services and teaching. Suddenly, you have taken it all into your own hands, and we may be some of the few who understand your struggle. You can rest assured that you are in good hands with the award-winning team at Brain Power.

Tracks their Progress

Your child’s progress is tracked automatically, providing you real-time, analytical results that demonstrate how she/he/they are improving by the day.

Backed by Neuroscience

Empowered Brain is evidence-based, grounded in science done by neuroscientists and doctors from MIT and Harvard. (We have more published research than any autism app.)

Cutting-edge Tech

Our solution brings you the combined power of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, smartglasses (powered by Google), gamification psychology, and new theories of social-emotional learning.

“I cried when he used [Empowered Brain], because he was looking at me differently… I realized he had never really looked at me before in his life.”

– Laura Krieger, parent participant in clinical trials


Empowered Brain™ Evidence

Empowered Brain really works, but don’t take our word for it. Learn what parents, educators and researchers have to say! 


“Empowered Brain isn’t really just about making eye contact. It’s about making a human connection.”

Sara Gaynor

special education teacher and mother of a child on the spectrum

“My son came over to me and began telling me what he did. He was looking right at me. It was surreal. It was the first time that he really ‘saw’ me. He’d looked at me before but this time he was really trying to establish a connection with me.”

Liana Schaffner

mother of a child on the spectrum


Get Empowered!


The pricing below is for home use only.

* Includes one year of premium tech support and unlimited cloud data storage. After the year, you may purchase this “Premium Unlimited” plan for $55/month, or revert to “Standard”.

Creative Ways to Purchase

Brain Power’s mission is to empower every brain! If you are a family in need, we want to help you creatively afford Empowered Brain.

  • First, a brief reminder that your package includes Google Glass — an advanced augmented reality computerized headset. Its cost is set by Google, not by us.
  • Also, we give you cutting-edge neuroscience-based software, and the benefit of years of clinical testing and engineering. You also get world-class customer service, and data reports tailored to your child’s progress.
  • Other families have been successful using Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for this type of assistive device purchase.
  • Learn about FSA’s from here.
  • You may also be able to use a Health Savings Account (HSA) – learn more here.
  • You may also find grants from organizations like The Arc, Rotary Club, autism advocacy groups, etc.
  • Here are some lists of such entities: iTaalk, ASN, eSpecial Needs, ASN, and Thrive.
  • Meanwhile, if you are able to, we recommend you sign up for Empowered Brain right away – while the discounts last. Be empowered!

Empowered Brain™ purchases are eligible for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Check with your insurance provider for details!

Shipping may be delayed due to COVID-19. Your 30-day money-back guarantee begins when you receive your glasses.

If you are purchasing for a school or clinic, packages include Professional Development, IEP integration, teacher/administrator accounts and technical support for schools. Please schedule a call with our assistive technology team.