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General Format

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Links and Helpful Resources

Brain Power website links


Empowered Brain product page: (Purchase links are at the bottom of the page)

Our research:


Contact Us form: (Also allows readers to sign up for our newsletter)


Brain Power Contact Info


Mailing Address: 245 Main Street; Cambridge, MA 02142


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External resources

Brain Power and Empowered Brain feature by CNN:

Customer Success Manager Aaron Shute’s feature on The Autism Dad podcast:

Product and Company Information

Empowered Brain Summary

Based on years of research and clinical testing by doctors and neuroscientists from Harvard and MIT, Empowered Brain is the world’s first wearable system that teaches individuals with autism, ADHD, and other social-emotional challenges to learn the life skills crucial for happy self-sufficiency.


Key Product Points

Players do not wear the glasses all day — they use Empowered Brain with a partner (e.g., a parent, sibling, caregiver) for sessions about 10 minutes long.

Unlike other solutions in which the player is looking down at a tablet or phone, our heads-up solution encourages social interaction, whichkeeps the player hands-free and engaged with the real world.

Our solution pairs cutting-edge smartglasses technology powered by Google with advanced AI software developed by Harvard and MIT scientists at Brain Power through years of field research.

The child’s progress is tracked automatically, providing real-time, analytical results that demonstrate how the player is improving by the day.

Empowered Brain is science- and evidence-based, developed by doctors and scientists from Harvard and MIT.


Empowered Brain Games

Face2Face teaches players to pay attention to conversation partners through a rewarding game of face-directed gaze and eye contact.

Transition Master is a game where players view a 360° augmented-reality scene, which helps prevent the stress and anxiety of making transitions to unfamiliar locations.

Paint My World introduces players to augmented reality by adding fun, real-time filters to the world around them.

Play With Faces eases players into Empowered Brain and encourages paying attention to faces by adding digital cartoon masks on people in the area.

Brain Power Language

Please use the following language when referring to our products or namesake:

Our flagship product’s name is Empowered Brain. You may also mention that our solution runs on Google Glass hardware, a smartglasses device that rests gently on the user’s head.

Our solution uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Please note that there is a difference between augmented reality and virtual reality, the latter being a tool that completely obscures vision. With augmented reality, players are kept heads-up, hands-free, and engaged with the world around them.

Empowered Brain features a suite of interactive, augmented-reality games (or game-like apps) that teach social-emotional skills to autistic individuals.

We use social-emotional learning (also known as “SEL”) to teach important life skills to individuals with autism. Some of these skills are:

  • Whole-body listening
  • Face-directed gaze and eye contact
  • Please be careful about using the phrase “eye contact,” as some individuals believe that making eye contact is a choice.
  • Conversation skills
  • Transitions
  • Becoming familiar with new locations
  • Developing connections and fostering relationships

Brain Power’s solutions were heavily developed and influenced by a team of doctors and neuroscientists from Harvard and MIT, as well as educators who have special education experience.

Empowered Brain Product Brochure

Please feel free to distribute our product brochure.

Use the “web-friendly” version to send or display the brochure electronically, and use the “print” version if you would like to print out physical copies.

Web-friendly Product Brochure

Print-friendly Product Brochure


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What is Empowered Brain?

How We’re Empowering Families

Parents and Kids React

Face2Face Game Explainer

Transition Master Game Explainer