Incorporating Empowered Brain Into Your ABA Program


A How-To guide for clinicians and specialists

Clinic Use

Empowered Brain has been successfully incorporated in ABA clinics across the country. Saskia Soliz, BCBA, even included us in her recent blog post about using the Empowered Brain technology with her clients.

Make an Impact

Since its launch, Empowered Brain aims to help teachers and therapists save time and see results with their students, while also providing a solution that students can easily attend to and get excited about.

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As a teacher who is using Empowered Brain, it’s certainly worth it

Jon Hall, Teacher at Plymouth High School

Empowered Brain is a proven solution that helps kids on the spectrum and those with ADHD function better in the school environment, improving measured outcomes, pleasing parents, and building teacher satisfaction.

Scientifically proven in schools in MA