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About Brain Power

Brain Power, LLC, is a mission-based neuroscience tech startup headquartered in Cambridge, MA, with strong ties to MIT, Harvard, and Stanford. We hire the best and brightest from around the world and maintain a fully virtual, work-from-anywhere company paradigm.

Our flagship product suite, called Empowered Brain, includes apps that help children (or adults) on the autism spectrum learn what other people are feeling; deliver videogame-like coaching on face-directed gaze; tutor reading and conversation skills; help users reduce repetitive motor behaviors and underlying stress; give teachers and parents numerical progress reports; and much more. We have successful customers living in 10 countries, and in schools in the US.

Our systems run on smartglasses such as Google Glass or competing headsets from Epson, Intel, and others. (Note: Google (X) recently released the third version of Glass. Brain Power is one of their few partners (listed here), allowing us to resell the device and access many resources specially for partners.)

We also have developed apps that address needs related to traumatic brain injury, job (re-)training, job coaching, eldercare, and objective measurement of behavior in support of clinical trials. Our overall aim, that binds these together, is to unlock the potential of the challenged brain. We are a truly and deeply mission-focused company.

More recently, we have leveraged our neuroscience and education expertise to create Brain Power Academy, an online school offering teachers evidence-based professional development content focused on social-emotional learning, special education and distance learning.

If you are are passionate, sharp, and have the skills and aptitude we need, there is a place for you at Brain Power!

Our Culture

At Brain Power, we are passionate about improving the world, treating each other with respect, and working very hard to bring our mission to reality. We focus on high-tech, science-based products, yet we believe that the human-human interactions they foster are where the magic happens. We also practice what we believe, for instance by employing people on the autism spectrum. You will work closely with the Brain Power founder and core staff, in teams and individually. You will work on products that will be rapidly put into use by children and adults who can benefit.

Work in a fast-moving, award-winning startup company, take on big projects, and see children smiling in new ways at their parents because of your code or other work!


We have been covered by over 250 press outlets; we have won over a dozen awards for science, business, and humanitarian work; we employ people with autism; we fill our Team with some of the brightest and most passionate minds; we have won multiple U.S. federal grants; we have performed clinical trials and published a dozen+ scientific papers; our alumni often go on to jobs at Google, Dropbox, Facebook etc.; our staff of PhD scientists, doctors, engineers, artists and more have worked tirelessly for years to build products that help children and adults; we have partnerships with Google, Amazon, Affectiva; and MIT, Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital, Stanford, and more.

Perks and Benefits:

  • Mission-driven company and passionate team
  • Fast-paced work environment – Never boring
  • Award-winning, market-accepted product
  • Competitive salary
  • Health insurance: medical, dental, and vision
  • Opportunities to grow, and to advance your career
  • Mentorship including from acclaimed scientists
  • Be at the cutting edge of several revolutions:  Augmented reality   •   Artificial intelligence   •   Neurotechnology   •   Human Brain Research   •   Machine Learning   •   Big Data   •   Cloud Computing   •   Wearable Computers   •   Gamification   •   Mobile/Remote Health   •   Digital Medicine (software as therapy)   •   Assistive Devices   •   The Future of Work   •   Behavioral Analysis and Intervention   •   Neurodiversity   •   Educational Technology   •   Serious Games   •  
  • Professionally-run Scrum team for software development
  • Neuro-diverse workplace and colleagues
  • Universal work-from-anywhere policy
  • Flexible work hours
  • Virtual team events

Brain Power is not currently hiring

Please check back from time to time as positions may become available at any time.


Summer and winter (January) internships are available.
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