Cambridge Public Schools and Brain Power ®

As community members, we are honored to be a partner of Cambridge Public Schools via Fletcher Maynard

Overview – Brain Power’s Glasses for SEL










The general concept of Empowered Brain is simple but powerful: 

Your student looks through a wearable computer screen and gets points for performing social behaviors with you and others.

The real-time reinforcement builds social-emotional skills and self confidence, and creates data for progress reports.

What Your Educators are Saying

Here’s what a representative one of your teachers had to say about Empowered Brain.

The Empowered Brain™ Solution

Empowered Brain features a set of interactive, augmented-reality social-emotional learning games. Extensive scientific research has shown that playing our science-based games for 10 minutes a day provides a measurable improvement in students with autism, ADHD, and other social-emotional challenges.


Face2Face teaches players to pay attention to conversation partners by systematically rewarding face-directed gaze and eye contact. It gives you a structured way to have 5-10 minute conversations with your students each day. It numerically tracks attention % and time-on-task.

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Transition Master

Your students can transport to a new location or situation and immerse in it through the glasses. This reduces the anxiety of transitions to unfamiliar locations or situations. You can easily add 360-degree photos to our library, as well as sounds.

Paint My World

The world can be a sensory overload. Also, one can stop exploring known environments. With Paint My World, players see their world automatically transformed as they look around through the glasses. Some modes or filters make a sensory-reduced world in real-time, to bring calm. Some modes make the familiar novel again – encouraging healthy exploration.

Play With Faces - display of some modes

Play with Faces

“I get it! The face is where the secrets are!” exclaimed a child after using Empowered Brain in one of our clinical studies years ago. Exactly! The face is where evolution put data about people’s feelings, thoughts, intentions, trustworthiness, and more. Yet, for many on the spectrum, looking at faces can be confusing, stressful, or just neglected. Play With Faces reverses all that. With it, your student has an excuse to look at faces, and it is fun: they get decorated in real time. (Augmentations vary by students’ ages.)

[wpvr id = "27859" width = "90%" height = "250px" radius = "8px" ] Happy Place example. Click blue icon for motion tracking (phone only).

Happy Place!

Anxiety and tantrums can strike at any time, let alone during these wildly uncertain times. A judicious distraction or a mesmerizing scene can get you out of the stress of a moment. You can use them as a ready escape to calm yourself – a Happy Place. This is an adaptation of our Transition Master app (described above). With our library of interesting 360-degree Happy scenes, your students (or you!) can be immersed in a favorite Happy Place to seek refuge. Step inside this digital time-out when occasionally needed!

Data Portal - Empowered Brain

IEP Data Portal

Show me the data! You want to know how your students are doing and so do they! After every Empowered Brain session, you immediately get a data report you can view any time. Simply log in to your secure account on the web portal, for instance to find: What was your student’s attention % for the day/month/year? What parts of a 360 scene did your child enjoy? Avoid? How many hundreds of times per hour did s/he look at you or away?

Data and graphs from our portal can be pasted directly into IEP reports to show the student’s progress towards IEP goals.