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Overall Rating by Teachers who have Completed our Courses


Don’t take our word for it – Hear from fellow educators:

{So far, this PD one has been the most useful to me in my professional growth and provided the most relevant information and resources I can bring into my school immediately.
Mia Palmer
Special Education Teacher Baltimore County Public Schools
{The Brain Power Academy's PowerPD's has been a great way to earn PD on my own time and at my own pace in the comfort of my home. There are also many deals offered to lower the cost. During these unprecedented times, both time and money are at a minimum, so I appreciate these PD opportunities.
Kelly Mulvehill
Teacher Attelboro Public Schools
{Very informative PD's!
Johanna Pichardo
Paraprofessional City of New York Public Schools
{'Stress Management: For Teachers and Their Students' is a great resource for learning about stressors-- how they affect students and myself-- and ways to combat stress so that we all have better experiences!
Crystal Brown
Teacher Triton Central
{This is such an informative, applicable, and fun PD!
Ashley VanEarden
Teacher Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

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Certified PD Provider

Your teachers will earn 10 High-Quality PD (HQPD) hours / credits for each PowerPD they complete!

You probably don’t need to be reminded that 63% of teachers are considering quitting the profession after the grueling 2020 and 

Brain Power Academy is an approved provider of High Quality Professional Development (HQPD). Our courses count toward your teachers’ requirements to renew their teaching licenses.

We are certified in several categories of HQPD that are very sought after and hard to find, including “Special Education” and “Comprehensive Health”. Our courses are designed to help your teachers grow in their profession. This can increase their job satisfaction, and improve their morale as they learn new online and in-person teaching methods to guide their students to reach their full potential.

How is Brain Power Academy PD Different?

Our professional development PD courses are developed by neuroscientists, doctors, teachers, and education experts. These online PD courses offer practical tools, exercises, and resources that are evidence-based and grounded in science.

We surveyed thousands of K12 teachers while designing each course. The result is high quality PD that will earn your teaching team the PD credits they need, while addressing the topics they want.

Our teachings are durable: all our PDs are designed from the ground up to provide tools and teachings that work equally online, in-person, or in hybrid settings.

Examples of our What Your Teachers will Get

Below is.

“PowerPD” Courses

PowerPD courses are designed to empower your teachers with highly-practical

Distance Learning for Special Education:
Tips & Hacks

Learn how to best use digital tools and techniques in distance learning for special education (SPED) students in this online.

IEP Goal Tracking: Remote and In-Person

Learn to use virtual tools and strategies in our online course for teachers of special education students. Explore IEP goal tracking/progress.

SEL and Distance Learning: Empowering Your Students

Learn strategies and tools for your students’ social-emotional learning (SEL) and distance learning in this professional development.

Stress Management:
For Teachers & Their Students

Learn practical, scientific ways to reduce anxiety in our online course for educators. Discover new stress management techniques.

Brain Bites

Brain Bites are short courses— just one hour or less— focused on a specific topic. 
Now Available!
Coming Soon…
Coming Soon…

Brain Bite: How to Talk to Students About Scary News and Difficult Topics

Explore tips and tools to use with your students to discuss controversial news topics and social issues in this one-hour micro-PD.

Brain Bite: Engaging Students with ADHD

This one hour Brain Bite will provide you with tools and strategies to keep students with ADHD engaged in any setting!

Brain Bite: Tapping Into Student Motivation

This one hour Brain Bite will provide you with strategies to keep your students motivated in any learning environment!