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Our company culture

At Brain Power, we are passionate about improving the world, treating each other with respect, and working very hard to realize our mission. We focus on high-tech, science-based products, yet we believe that the human-human interactions they foster are where the magic happens. We think tech should make things easier and enable more people, not create barriers!

We also practice what we believe, for instance by employing people on the autism and ADHD spectrums. In your role, you will closely with the Brain Power founder and core staff, in teams, and individually. You will work on products that will be rapidly put into use by children and adults who can benefit from what you help to create.

The best thing about Brain Power is seeing how our work helps other people. Apply to Brain Power if you want to work in a fast-moving, award-winning startup company; take on big projects; and see children smiling and engaging in new ways because of your work!

Perks and benefits

  • Mission-driven company and passionate team
  • Fast-paced work environment – never boring!
  • Award-winning, market-accepted product
  • Competitive salary
  • Health insurance: medical, dental, and vision
  • Opportunities to grow, and to advance your career
  • Mentorship, including from acclaimed scientists
  • Professionally-run Scrum team for software development
  • Neuro-diverse workplace and colleagues
  • Universal work-from-anywhere policy
  • Flexible work hours
  • Virtual team events
  • Diverse working environment that supports social and racial justice!

Be on the cutting edge of several revolutions:

  • Augmented reality   
  • Artificial intelligence   
  • Neurotechnology   
  • Human Brain Research    
  • Machine Learning  
  • Big Data  
  • Cloud Computing 
  • Wearable Computers  
  • Gamification    
  • Mobile/Remote Health 
  • Digital Medicine (software as therapy)  
  • Assistive Devices  
  • The Future of Work 
  • Behavioral Analysis and Intervention     
  • Neurodiversity  
  • Educational Technology 
  • Serious Games

Accolades and press

We have been covered by over 250 press outlets; we have won over a dozen awards for science, business, and humanitarian work; we employ people with autism; we fill our Team with some of the brightest and most passionate minds; we have won multiple U.S. federal grants; we have performed clinical trials and published a dozen+ scientific papers; our alumni often go on to jobs at Google, Dropbox, Facebook etc.; our staff of PhD scientists, doctors, engineers, artists and more have worked tirelessly for years to build products that help children and adults; we have partnerships with Google, Amazon, Affectiva; and MIT, Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital, Stanford, and more.

Testimonials from our interns and employees

I was born in the United Kingdom but grew up in Libya, Dubai, and India. I’m currently a senior majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Applied Analytics at the University of Southern California. After taking courses in data analytics and machine learning at USC, I was very interested in applying my skills to an organization that I believe in and Brain Power provided me with that exact platform. I have been interning as a Business Intelligence intern and have been able to contribute my data analytics/machine learning skills to Brain Power’s operations. Brain Power constitutes of very inclusive, collaborative, and hard-working individuals that are very passionate about what they do; this continues to inspire me everyday! To name a few, due to my internship, I have learned how to handle complex APIs, consolidate large datasets through Python, and the intricacies of web-scraping. Working at Brain Power has definitely helped me solidify the direction I would like to take my career in!

Anandita Narula

I am from Milton Massachusetts, and attend Milton Academy high school. It was from my programming teacher at Milton that I first heard about Brain Power and the work that the company does. Following learning about both the company’s mission and description of the job, I was immediately hooked. After being offered the opportunity to be an intern and accepting the offer, I began to work in my primary field of android development. While at Brain Power, I had the pleasure of doing something that I had never done in one of my programming classes: developing not only for my education, but also for the betterment of others. It was this understanding along with the infectious company culture, thats interest was not simply in the requirements of the job but more importantly in the mission of the company, that gave me a true passion for my work. Ultimately, I feel that when looking at future employment opportunities one of the components that I will be far more aware of is my belief in that company’s mission.

Timothy Colledge

I’m a high school student from Ontario, Canada who has been very involved in both the technology industry and in work with autistic children. I got to know Brain Power through a simple coincidence since it shares the same name as a tutoring business in the Greater Toronto Area. Looking more into Brain Power, I was very interested in what the company does. As an intern, I contributed to the the development process and worked as a full-stack developer intern. I worked on not only programming, but also other aspects of product development like project planning on platforms like Confluence. My time here has been quite rewarding since I have been able to participate in the many team meetings and team-building activities that Brain Power hosts. I believe that my work at Brain Power will heavily impact my work in the future because I would like to go into software development and possibly work with autistic children, especially since I have an autistic brother.

Kevin Qu

My name is Binh, and I’m from Springfield, Massachusetts, but currently living in Southcoast, Massachusetts. I found out about the BP summer internship position after being lay off from my teaching position due to COVID. BP was an opportunity for me to stay active during the quarantine. I was the Video and Graphics intern. I mainly worked on mock-ups of the newest application interface before sending them to our programmers. My mock-ups allow my team members to see what changes are significant and what need to be changed before the finalizing step. The environment of remote work was challenging at first. But my co-workers were helpful and directed me to the correct person if I have a question or need guidance. I’m starting my first semester at Lesley University for the Expressive Art Therapy Master Program, this position was a perfect medium between art and mental health for me as I start a new chapter in my career path.

Binh Truong

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