Dear Hamilton Trust members!

It was an honor to speak at your illustrious gathering on March 21, 2019! (Richard Kimball, thank you for affording me this privilege.)

Hopefully you came away a little less nervous that AI will make our world a less human and humane place (though of course we must remain vigilant), and a little more enthusiastic about how AI (and machine learning) can aid humanitarian missions.

Thank you also for indulging me some time to speak about my own personal Mission: to apply neuroscience, AI/ML, and future technologies, thoughtfully and humanistically, in order to empower students with brain differences like autism or ADHD to live the fullest lives they possibly can!

This mission is carried out in non-overlapping but complementary ways by a for-profit called Brain Power, and a 501(c)(3) charity called The Empowered Brain Institute.

In speaking with Richard afterward, it seemed a good idea would be to make a contact page like this specially for your group.

Clearly, you as members of the Hamilton Trust are thought leaders in your communities. If you were at all moved by the Mission, to be the one to introduce it to your community leaders, please might you spend a second to jot down some info below? Thank you immensely!

Some information in case it interests you, or if you would perchance like to share:

Links that might interest you if the talk did:

Photo from the luncheon

Dr. Ned T. Sahin speaking at Hamilton Trust March 2019

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One-page overview of Brain Power

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Video overview of Brain Power

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A few of the hundreds of delightful autistic children who participated in clinical testing

Brain Power team 2017 – All on a Mission to “Empower Every Brain”