About Our Team

Dr. Ned T. Sahin (PhD)

Founder & CEO | Award-Winning Neuroscientist & Entrepreneur

Dr. Sahin is a neuroscientist and neurotechnology entrepreneur. He was trained in neuroscience at Harvard (PhD), MIT (master’s), Williams College (BA), Oxford (visiting scholar), as well as UCSD Medical School (postdoc), and the Salk Institute (fellowship). His academic work has been published in journals such as Science and Nature Neuroscience, and he has been invited and presented his research and his innovations in dozens of cities in over two dozen countries. His PhD dissertation, which investigates the neural intricacies of the human language system via intracranial electrodes placed inside the brain as part of epilepsy surgery, won the prize for the best dissertation across all departments at Harvard that year. At MIT, he won several teaching prizes.

He also worked at Bell Labs and in startups and mid-sized companies, in Boston, San Diego, London, and Dublin; and has been the Principal Investigator for seven government contracts for wearable brain monitoring systems to assess and improve cognitive/mental states. Dr. Sahin founded Brain Power, LLC to bring neuroscience ideas and technological innovations to people with special challenges who can directly benefit from them the most.

Dr. Sahin is a hands-on leader of the growing Brain Power team, actively participating in all aspects of the business. Since founding Brain Power, he has won awards such as “40 Under 40” business people from both Boston Business Journal and Medtech Boston, “50 on Fire” notable people in Boston, awards from Cynopsis Media and South by Southwest (SXSW), and science awards from several autism-specific groups including one run completely by and for autistic people. Since founding Brain Power in 2013, he has been covered in hundreds of media articles or TV appearances, including CBS, NBC, PBS, the Boston Globe, Forbes, NPR, Nature, Wired, and TechCrunch. 

At the helm of this science-based startup, Dr. Sahin maintains collaborations with Harvard, MIT, and Stanford; supervises scientific studies and clinical trials of the underlying technology; and superintends an array of internship programs including for high school students and for people with autism. 

Dr. Sahin is deeply passionate about the mission of Brain Power, and is honored to work amongst the great team members who take that mission “from potential to reality®”!

Dr. Neha Keshav (PhD)

Chief of Staff | PhD & Postdoc in Neuroscience of Autism

Dr. Keshav completed her PhD and postdoc in neuroscience with a concentration and special interest in autism. She has also worked at a neurotechnology startup and thus brings industry as well as academic experience, in addition to her will-do and winning attitude. She superintends all scientific research at Brain Power as well as all government grants.

Dr. Arshya Vahabzadeh (MD)

Chief Medical Officer at Brain Power | Child Psychiatrist at Harvard

Dr. Vahabzadeh is a Harvard Medical School based physician, trained in both medicine and psychiatry. He is the former Chair of the Council on Communications of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and a consultant to Khan Academy, Neurolaunch, and Anthem. Dr. Vahabzadeh has published extensively in clinical neuroscience and neurobiology, and has over 20 awards including from the APA and the American Medical Association.

Runpeng Liu

Prp. Software Engineer

With Computer Science and Neuroscience degrees from MIT, Runpeng joined Brain Power to devote his engineering prowess to bring our mission from potential to reality. His razor-sharp mind, loyalty to the Brain Power team, dedicated hard work, and unending energy inspire us all daily. He is eager to share his passion for using augmented reality and wearable technology to create therapeutic social experiences!

Dr. Anthony Sossong (MD)

Clinical Officer | Child Psychiatrist at Harvard

Dr. Sossong brings to the team his clinical experience with children on the Autism Spectrum in the Psychiatry & Neurology departments at Harvard Medical School / MGH, as well as prior experience as a software company CEO. His wisdom, and expertise across the clinical, strategy, and technology-translation spectrum help propel Brain Power in a scientifically-based and practical direction.

Rafiq Abdus-Sabur (M.Ed.)

Education Software Expert, Entrepreneur, Educator

A scholar, former educator, and edu-tech entrepreneur, Rafiq is a Boston-area native and understands the real nature of our educational system. His graduate studies at Harvard gave him a theory-based toolset for educating those with special needs, grounded by his real-world and practical experience with the nuances of the educational system in action.

Dr. Syd Cash (MD, PhD)

Neurologist & Professor at Harvard Med

Dr. Cash brings extensive clinical, clinical-trial, technological, medical-device, scholarly, and government-contract experience and wisdom to the Brain Power team. Syd is a Neurologist, Epileptologist and professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School / Mass. General Hospital. He is also a wonderful colleague and it is a great pleasure to have Syd on the Brain Power team.

Our Boards

We believe in the power of a well-chosen group, aligned toward a well-defined goal. Also, our mission cuts across multiple types of expertise. We are proud to take guidance from the proven experts on our several boards.

Science Board

Our offerings are deeply rooted in science. Our Scientific Advisory Board of top scientists helps keep us current with the latest neuroscience and autism-related findings, and will help supervise fundamental-science research projects and publications.

Business and Strategy

Though our goal is transformative positive change, only sound business practices will sustain our staff and allow us to reach that goal. Our Business and Strategy Board helps keep our feet on the ground, in best practices, while we keep our eyes on the sky.

Parents Board

Nothing can replace the insight, or dedication, of autism parents! We count on our carefully chosen and zealous Parents Board members for their honest guidance as to what will truly help their (and others’) children.


Ethics Board

Our technologies provide cognitive enhancement. We target urgent need, but naturally want to help all. It is never too early to be proactive: our Ethics Board keeps internal discussions grounded in our desire neither to be nor allow evil.


The • BRAINFOREST • is a fun and lively conversation. We meet when and where we can, sometimes virtually, and play in a field of stimulating ideas – always about tapping into the power of the brain. The company’s new directions can be born here.

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