Clinical Trials Support

Does your company sponsor or manage device or drug trials?

Recover key data you would otherwise miss.

Do you need a neuro baseline tool?

Many trials yield effects on central and peripheral nervous systems, and on brain-mediated rhythms and behaviors. These may be the target of your trials, but hard to meaure; or they may be unintended and important to detect before significant negative issues arise. 

Few options exist to measure neural, psychological, or cognitive baseline states and fluctuations — without expensive equipment and/or highly trained and scarce personnel. 

Work with Brain Power to implement an assessment and monitoring tool that gives you unprecedented sensitivity to changes in states of the brain & mind.


Do you worry about your participants’ compliance and lifestyle?

Trial participants have full lives outside the few moments they are in clinic. Are they complying with your protocol? Are you sure they fully understand it? Could their behavioral and lifestyle choices introduce variables into your study you don’t know to account for in your analysis of outcomes and adverse effects? Do they feel they can contact you if issues or questions arise? 


Work with Brain Power to design a monitoring solution customized to your trial and protocol. Our system can provide participants with a game-like and engaging interface that allows them to supply you with data from their lives outside the clinic that would otherwise be missed.  They will also have better and more convenient ways to communicate and engage with your team. Your custom solution, designed with our MD and PhD staff and partners, may only require minutes of data per day, or you may desire several hours.  Either way, we have you covered. Contact us below, to begin the conversation you cannot afford not to have.


  • Official Protocol 80% 80%
  • Compliance 50% 50%
  • Behavioral Factors 75% 75%
  • Other 60% 60%

Understand Your Results

Add dimensions and depth to your trials data. Be proactive, not reactive.

Avoid unwanted surprises.