Job Coaching, Training, and Support

The single most protective factor against poor mental wellbeing, overall, is having a job

An integrated employee is a productive employee! Above, an example of one of our full-time Brain Power employees on the autism spectrum. Feeling supported and accommodated, she has flourished as she never had before. At Brain Power, we not only build digital tools to assess, train, coach, and support autistic job aspirants and employees, we ourselves live the daily realities of the needs our customers may face. You will feel it in our products and services.

Digital Job Support for the Increased Dignity and Efficiency

If you are a large or medium employer, Brain Power’s services and offerings can increase the diversity as well as productivity of your team. If you are a state agency such as Medicaid, they can reduce costs, allow your providers to serve the needs of many more people in parallel, and judiciously fade support over time in a way that maximizes the self-determination of your beneficiaries.

People with disabilities or different abilities can add important and unique capabilities to companies large and small. However, they remain very under-employed. This can make them vulnerable to negative mental health outcomes, and can rob them of dignity and self-sufficiency. Our solutions include remote digital job coaching, mental wellbeing counseling, job skills training, and augmented-reality on-the-job support.

We have won highly-competitive Congressional funding for our digital job coaching and support platform. We offer sole-source contracts with state agencies, for instance supporting 1915(c) Waiver programs.

The graphic above was reproduced here from the Massachusetts Dept of Elementary and Special Education transitions page. It very closely aligns with Brain Power’s philosophy. Our digital tools are aimed to make that transition to post-secondary success categorically easier and more accessible. Contact us to learn how we can help your students or employees!