Empowering Every Brain
Evidence-based technology and curriculum to teach social-emotional skills in person or at a distance





Empower students to function better, inside the classroom and out.

School-Focused Innovation

Teachers in your school/district can use our solution to teach their students social-emotional (SEL) skills, toward happy self-sufficiency. Be a Power School™ — use Brain Power’s augmented-reality tools and AI web dashboard to create data-rich IEP reports automatically. Customers say it saves teachers time and districts money.


The Empowered Brain™ products and services were developed by a team of award-winning doctors and neuroscience researchers. Our solutions are refined by continuous scientific testing; and by consultation with autistic people, parents, teachers, and clinicians. 

Tell Your School

Are you interested in Brain Power for your family member? Contact her/his school! We can help you do this, so please contact us. We will assist you with how to find your school administrator’s contact info, and how to introduce Brain Power.

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“This student definitely has some attention difficulties normally, but when he put those glasses on, he immediately started focusing. The hands went quiet, his feet weren’t moving, and the focus was dead on.”                                                                                       


Special Education Teacher Duxbury, Massachusetts

“Typically with technology – iPad and iPhone – the child is looking down for the reward. With Empowered Brain, the child is looking up. And looking at you!”




Mother of a girl on the spectrum

“It has worked out very well [in our school]. … They love it. … It also has not been a distraction. Even though I am spending some quality time with the student, before and after playing the game, I am able to address the other students as well.”


General Education Teacher Plymouth, Massachusetts