Empowered Brain™

The world’s first wearable system to help people with autism gain self-sufficiency.

Clinically Proven to Improve Social-Emotional Skills for People with Autism

Brain Power Glasses

A wearable computer with a display that overlays game-like learning tools on the real world

Paint My World

Your child sees their world automatically transform as they look around through the glasses. This helps them reduce sensory overload

Fun with Faces

Decorates faces with fun emojis. Encourages your child to recognize and focus on human faces.

Happy Place

Your child is immersed in pleasant scenery. Helps to calm the child and bring them back from stressful situations.


Your child is awarded game points as they practice eye contact. This builds social-emotional learning skills

Transition Master

Provides an immersive 360-degree experience, which familiarizes your child with new places in a comfortable way before visiting them in real life.

Emotion Charades

Makes a game of choosing the emoji that matches their partner’s expression. Enhances your child’s ability to recognize and respond to the emotions of others.

Measurable Progress

After every Empowered Brain session, you immediately get a data report you can view any time. Simply log in to your secure account on the web portal, for instance to find:

  • What was your child’s attention % for the day/month/year?
  • What parts of a 360 scene did your child enjoy? Avoid?
  • How many hundreds of times per hour did s/he look at you or away?

Empowered Brain Helps

Reduce Anxiety

Our solution lets your child get familiar with new situations by virtually immersing in them in careful, periodic, safe “doses”. This increases predictability and reduces anxiety.

Improve Attention

Teaches players to engage with and focus on conversation partners. Through practice, players learn how to demonstrate that they are interested in the conversation.

Improve Social-Emotional Skills

Empowered Brain encourages key social skills like turn-taking, staying on task, controlling anxiety, verbalizing, and understanding how a peer or loved one may be feeling.

Praise From Parents.

Important. Empowering. Magical. Groundbreaking




“As a child psychiatrist, I see many individuals with autism or ADHD, and interact closely with their concerned parents. Empowered Brain excites me because it is a toolset based on technology not drugs, which empowers people to learn social skills that increase self-sufficiency.

– Dr. Arshya Vahabzadeh
Child & Adult Psychiatry, Family
Medicine, Addiction Medicine

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Brain Power Glasses

  • Google Glass XE, Preconfigured for Brain Power
  • A wearable computer that projects images into your field of view
  • Fits over regular eyeglasses. One size fits all
  • Not fragile. Made from titanium and military-grade polymer
  • Glasses can be used independently from apps


All of Our Apps

  • Monthly all-access plan for all the apps, web portal, progress monitoring on your laptop, phone / tablet app, and more
  • Live remote coaching to help you set up
  • Web data dashboard with infinite storage
  • Weekly reports on your child’s progress
  • Lifetime Software updates + upgrades