Empowered Brain™ by Brain Power™

Above: Three children on the autism spectrum using the evidence-based “Empowered Brain” augmented-reality system to address the learning challenges of autism. They see (and hear) the world in a different way through the computer screen, and they remain heads-up to engage with you and others. | (All images with permission.)


Our mission is to help you empower the brains of people with invisible neural challenges. Empowered Brain helps teachers to empower their students (young children up to transitioning adults) with augmented reality experiences that teach them social-emotional skills in a social setting. The heads-up system engages and motivates students in a gamified way, and automatically generates data on their progress for IEP reports.

What we address

Autism affects 3.5 million families in the US alone, and is a complex spectrum that no one fully understands yet. We understand that each person is unique. Yet we are committed to scientifically engineering practical tools that can help people in their daily tasks and life skills, and we have spoken to and worked with hundreds of people all along the spectrum, their families, and wide array of practitioners dedicated to improving their lives. We have conducted research studies for years. Based on all this, we have identified several key educational challenges that face a large percentage of children and adults on the spectrum, and have focused our tools on them:

Patents issued and pending worldwide since 2013.

Social Interactions

Social interactions are crucial for self-sufficiency but dispiritingly difficult for some ASD children. Our tools measure and assist: emotion decoding based on facial and body language, recognizing emotionally important events, face-directed gaze, social eye contact, conversation pragmatics, and more. We have demonstrated increased self-confidence, which is the foundation of social integration.



Delays in language learning cost dearly in education and socialization. Using neuroscience and cutting edge tech, we provide ways to increase motivation and learning of language, based on the actual learning style: of  children with ASD in general, and then tuned to the specific user. Gamified and based in the newest artificial intelligence, our apps are fun and adaptive.

Behavior Self-Control

Autism can involve repetitive behaviors. These may have long-term impacts on self-sufficiency, though ironically they may provide short-term comfort. We focus on managing underlying distress and sensory overload; and on learning to substitute more covert behaviors when desired. We also have apps for managing Transitions, e.g. transitions to new schools or simply a trip to the mall, and reducing stress and anxiety.

Job Skills

Having a good job is probably the highest form of self-sufficiency and dignity for an individual on the spectrum. We developed software modules to teach job-related skills of particular use in this population. We also have modules that use the internet-connected camera and screen to provide remote, digital job coaching. This allows job coaches to serve more clients, with less time wasted in transport, and to reserve site visits for when necessary – thus increasing dignity and autonomy of the employees.

Important Points

Only 10 Minutes Per Day!

The glasses are NOT worn all day! This is not prosthetic; it is a teaching tool and a motivator. Like practicing multiplication tables or basketball free-throws, you work intensely on one skill (let’s say eye contact) for ~10 minutes a day. The brain learns from focused repetition.

Glasses are Shared

Empower more students! One Empowered Brain system can be shared among a handful of students – e.g. one for each period of the school day. Concerned about cleanliness (lice, bedbugs, etc)? Simply wipe the strong, smooth surface with an alcohol pad between class periods.

Works with Eyeglasses

Google Glass fits over most regular eyeglasses! (Some designer frames can be too wide, but for a 10-min daily session of fun gameplay, most students don’t seem to mind!)

Privacy Assured

Empowered Brain gives you data on student performance to make your IEP reports vastly easier. All data are housed safely and securely using the standards and services of Amazon Web Services that even hospitals trust. Also, no FERPA-controlled data are kept, and no student under 13 ever has a login account.

Above: A mother cries during a live clinical trial session of Empowered Brain, as covered by PBS Newshour. Click the video to learn why she was crying tears of joy.


We take an approach that embraces the state of the art in neuroscience and neurotechnology, and yet centers on the human nature of social interactions in practical, daily reality. We immerse ourselves in the autism community and spend time with families and at schools, learning what their challenges truly are. Our tools reflect our ongoing learnings, and our rigorous testing in real-world environments has shown that children and adults on the spectrum are usually motivated and engaged with them. Our goal is to help individuals climb From Potential to Reality®

The child or adult wears light, computerized glasses and sees and hears special feedback geared to the situation. For instance, digital coaching on facial expressions of emotions, when to look at people, feedback on the user’s own state of stress or anxiety, and much more. Empowered Brain gives an augmented-reality experience, which our tests show autistic users LOVE. Meanwhile, they get points and rewards for learning the social-emotional as well as cognitive skills they want.

Each software module connects to Brain Power’s cloud-hosted portal where artificial-intelligence algorithms produce insights and predictions in real time. The game-like apps collect numerical behavioral data, scientifically and rigorously, and present the child, family, school, or clinic with insights and answers they can readily understand. These come in the form of intuitive graphs, auto-generated IEP reports, and much more.

We aim to provide hope, clarity, understanding, social integration, and community – toward our ultimate goal of happy self-sufficiency.

We practice user-centered design, and include people on the autism spectrum into our testing, design, and brainstorm sessions. At Brain Power, we have several full-time employees on the autism spectrum, who are fully included and contribute substantially to the core work of our company.

In addition to developing products, we do scientific research and our work has been published in several peer-reviewed medical research journals. We have completed research studies in a clinical setting, and are conducting a new round of trials in schools. We have several federal research and development grants, as well as partnerships with Google and Amazon.


Legal Disclaimer: We do not treat or cure any disease nor provide diagnosis. We offer personal empowerment products that provide useful coaching to people who want it, and assist them with daily tasks, based on neuroscience innovations and technological advances from MIT and Harvard.

Product Features

Gamified and Motivational

Earn points for guessing your partner’s emotion. Unlock cartoon faces and gold stars for attending to your friend’s face when talking. Compete against others and your own high score. … These tried-and-true motivational systems, which our research studies show people with ASD love, are also crucial scientifically. Through game performance and improvement we can measure if and when assistive information is actually understood and acted upon by the user.

User-Centered Design

We involve autistic people at every stage of the design process. We are committed to the idea that this is how to make a product that serves the needs of the community. From our several employees on the spectrum to the hundreds of children and adults on the spectrum who have tested our evolving system over the years, we listen and learn. And implement!

Artificial Intelligence

The emotional and social computations that Empowered Brain takes on are difficult for the adult human brain – let alone for a lightweight wearable computer (or any computer)! We employ the newest in artificial intelligence and patent-pending algorithms, to do much of the hard work for the user and make the assistive experience as seamless and as educational as possible.

Big Data

Never before could data be gathered at this level of detail, and now new kinds of questions can be answered.  Our aim is to uncover data-driven subtypes of autism, and to customize the experience for each unique child and adult. By being part of the Brain Power family, you are also part of perhaps the world’s biggest humanitarian study of autism and related conditions. You can benefit your community.

Web Portal for Parents, Teachers, and Therapists

The “Empowered Brain” apps on the smartglasses stream data in real time to an advanced, custom-built data analytics portal that is hosted in the cloud.

Direct screen-capture of realtime data while a child used the Face2Face app (part of the Empowered Brain suite of apps). In this example, the blue plot shows the points earned over time, and brown diamonds indicate where in time and points-space specific achievements were unlocked.

Another example of realtime data from the Face2Face session above. In this case, each and every time the child looked at his parent’s face, and each time he looked away, is plotted in precise time and on the points axis. In addition to real-time data, the cloud-hosted web portal gives several types of reports.

These reports can tell parents how their child has been performing and improving over the months. Our system also can automatically log and analyze “session notes” for therapists, or IEP reports for teachers.

Empowered Brain has been used by hundreds of children and adults on the autism spectrum.

The Empowered Brain system by Brain Power has been used by hundreds of children and adults on the autism spectrum.

New England Cable News feature on Brain Power and the Empowered Brain system.

International invited lecture: 15-minute keynote lecture about our technology and philosophy at Emerging Technology conference for Europe, hosted by MIT.

Temple Grandin

Dr. Temple Grandin

Doug Flutie

Doug Flutie

Product Philosophy

Quantitative Data

Empowered Brain records behavioral and performance data, and bodily signals; processes them; and gives intuitive, simple, gamified feedback to the wearer, caregiver, teacher, therapist, and/or physician.

Software Based

Empowered Brain is a set of software modules (apps) that run on a range of head-worn computers including Google Glass, plus a web-based data dashboard. Software can be deployed around the world instantly, allowing us to assist families and schools everywhere.

Flexible Configuration

The headset can be worn by the child (when possible) or the caregiver or both, and works with smart phones (iPhone and Android) or watch devices. Flexible and part of an ecosystem.

Maximizing Glass

We have patent-pending ways to transform augmented-reality headsets like Glass into bio-sensing devices using their built-in sensors. We also run machine-learning algorithms on the device and in our closed-loop system.

Our Platform in Action