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PowerPD are long-form courses for teachers that each provide 10 Professional Development credit-hours.

Distance Learning for Special Education:
Tips & Hacks

Learn how to best use digital tools and techniques in distance learning for special education (SPED) students in this online.

IEP Goal Tracking: Remote and In-Person

Learn to use virtual tools and strategies in our online course for teachers of special education students. Explore IEP goal tracking/progress.

SEL and Distance Learning: Empowering Your Students

Learn strategies and tools for your students’ social-emotional learning (SEL) and distance learning in this professional development.

Stress Management:
For Teachers & Their Students

Learn practical, scientific ways to reduce anxiety in our online course for educators. Discover new stress management techniques.

Brain Bites

Brain Bites are short courses— just one hour or less— focused on a specific topic.
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Now Available!
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Brain Bite: How to Talk to Students About Scary News and Difficult Topics

Explore tips and tools to use with your students to discuss controversial news topics and social issues in this one-hour micro-PD.
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Brain Bite: Tapping Into Student Motivation

This one hour Brain Bite will provide you with strategies to keep your students motivated in any learning environment!
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Brain Bite: Engaging Students with ADHD

All students are impacted by remote learning. While many populations are adversely affected, students with ADHD must adjust to a remote environment and also deal with a whole new source of distractions and a sudden loss of structure. In this lesson we will explore four strategies for engaging students with ADHD, and discuss how to use them in a remote environment. The goal; to ensure that students who already face an uphill battle in traditional learning environments have an equal chance to succeed in learning both in the classroom and at home.

Coming soon

Executive Functioning: What it Really Means and How to Apply it in Your Classroom

Do you have students who continuously blurt out in class? Students who act out towards you or other students for what appears like no reason at all? Students who can never seem to remember their books or other materials? Students who consistently don’t turn in assignments? Students who are easily distracted or have a hard time sitting still? If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then we hear you! This PowerPD course is for you!

The Psychology of Motivation: How to Help Your Students & Yourself Get and Stay Inspired

Getting your students to learn effectively is largely a factor of motivation, but knowing what tools and techniques are actually going to work to inspire your students to learn is much more challenging. Each of your students is unique, so there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. By understanding the brain-based psychology behind student motivation and the different types of motivation, you can start to bring balance into your classroom, whether you’re teaching virtually or in-person. 

Fake News: Educating Students on Truth in Media

It can feel like an uphill battle, trying to educate students about how to identify good information in a society trending towards an inability to discern truth.

  • In 2017, two thirds of American adults got news from social media.
  • A 2016 Stanford report found that 80-90% of high school students struggle to judge the credibility of online information.
  • A 2019 Stanford report found that more than half of high schoolers fail to evaluate the validity of the media they consume.
This PowerPD course will equip you with the tools and strategies to be able to spot fake news, understand it, and combat it!