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Brain Power, LLC

We build brain science-driven software to transform
wearables like Google Glass™ into neuro-assistive devices for autism.

Our tools help children and adults with autism learn practical life skills, and assess their progress numerically.

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Google Glass has completed its beta program, which is good news.
Our partnership with Google remains rock solid, and we will continue to bring our solutions to your family.
Read more about it in WIRED!

when the BRAIN’s deepest secrets are being revealed,
and wearable COMPUTERS are allowing unprecedented interactions among people and with information.

Brain Power, LLC lies at the NEXUS of these scientific and technological revolutions.

Our mission is to apply our INNOVATIONS to the most pressing brain-related challenges of the human condition.

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Autism is huge public health issue, around the world, and oftentimes it is identified very late, not measured numerically or reliably, and with few systematic pathways toward self-sufficiency and happiness. Autism is deeply personal and can bring complex social dynamics, isolation, and stress to the whole family. It also represents a vast ocean of partially untapped brain power that can benefit the many and the one. At Brain Power, we believe that we can make a major positive impact by unlocking some of that power, and we appreciate your support and feedback in helping us reach this goal.



The Empowered Brain ™ Autism Suite provides children and parents with tools to identify, assess, and assist with challenges or symptoms of Autism. We provide repeatable, numerical assessment of autism’s key challenges; and gamified, fun training to overcome them — often combined into a single experience. The challenges we address relate to language, social engagement, motor behaviors, and abstract category formation. In a way, we are creating a gamified experience for more productive human social interactions. Brain Power’s Empowered Brain ™ Autism Suite has been designed for Google Glass and the emerging ecosystem of wearable and sophisticated computing devices that it is ushering in. Our software is modular and can run on a range of devices. We are committed to taking your family from potential to reality! ™


Quantitative Tests for ASD

Children w Autism in U.S.

Avg. Diagnosis Age (yrs)

Possible Diagnosis Age

Empowered Brain™ – Details
Software Based
The Empowered Brain™ tools are software apps that run on Google Glass. In some cases we modify Glass by adding our custom hardware accessory pack.
Quantitative Data
The tools record neural, physiological, and behavioral data; process them; and give intuitive, simple, gamified feedback to the wearer, caregiver, or physician.
Flexible Configuration
Glass can be worn by the child (when possible) or the caregiver or both, and can work in conjunction with smart phone or watch devices. Flexible and part of an ecosystem.
Maximizing Glass
Glass is not a toy. It is a sophisticated computer and connected device with sensors built right in. We have patent-pending ways to turn it into a biomedical device.

Disclaimer: We do not treat or cure a disease nor provide medical diagnosis or therapy. We offer personal empowerment products that provide useful information and coaching to people who use them, based on neuroscience innovations and technological advances from Harvard and MIT.

We take an approach that embraces the state of the art in neuroscience and neurotechnology, and yet centers on the human nature of social interactions and other challenges. We collect and harness numerical brain-based and behavioral data scientifically and rigorously, yet we interact with the child and family based on insights and answers they can readily understand. We aim to provide hope, clarity, understanding, social integration, and community.

What We Address
Autism is a complex spectrum of disorders that no one fully understands yet; and each person is unique. We have identified 4 key challenges that face many children on the spectrum, and focused our tools on them:
Social Interactions
Social interactions are crucial for self-sufficiency but maddeningly difficult for some ASD children. Our tools measure and assist: understanding emotions from facial and body language, recognizing emotionally important events, social eye contact, and more.
Delays in language learning cost dearly in education and socialization. Using neuroscience and cutting edge tech, we provide ways to increase motivation and learning of language, based on the actual learning style: of ASD children in general, and then tuned to the specific user.
Behavior Control
Autism often involves repetitive behaviors. These may have long-term impact on self-sufficiency, though ironically they may provide short-term comfort. We focus on managing underlying distress and sensory overload; and on learning to control behaviors when desired.
Category Formation
Many people with ASD have difficulty arriving at abstract categories like “ball” or “dog” or “happy” rather than individual snapshots of experience for each. Our fourth category of tools measure and assist the forming of stable and accurate semantic categories.
How We Help
Our tools work in three distinct modes, for three complementary purposes:
1 • Initial Assessment
First-time assessments of autism symptom and feature severity. In-home (or school-based) assessment allows privacy, repeatable numerical precision, and a rapid and secure answer.
2 • Ongoing Monitoring
Ongoing assessments after the initial one. Plot progress and inform the child, family, teacher, school and/or doctor. Can also quantify progress during an autism-related clinical trial.
3 • Coaching and Training
The third mode for all our apps is Intervention:: Coaching, guidance, training, telepresence, education. We provide a gamified and fun way for a child to work toward self-sufficiency.
1-3: A Combined Approach
By combining these, Brain Power provides a holistic solution for many of the unmet needs. For instance, a single gamified experience can identify, monitor, and help overcome a deficiency.

Autism is a spectrum.
It affects different people to different degrees.
It also affects them in different ways – perhaps it is a multi-dimensional spectrum; or really a loose cluster.
However, everyone who is affected shares something in common: latent brain power that is partially masked by unique styles of learning and interacting.
We chose the name Brain Power, LLC to always keep at the foreground that we are working to unlock that untapped power.
As mentioned above, we are producing the Empowered Brain™ Autism Suite. We are also launching a research arm of the company, to do fundamental-science (also called basic-science), in collaboration with faculty members at MIT and Harvard. We aim to publish papers that directly contribute to the useful knowledge about the underlying nature of autism spectrum disorders and how to maximally leverage the power of the autistic brain.
If even some of the people and families affected by autism are assisted, to some degree, we will be happy. And encouraged to keep doing much more!

one in 68

• 1 in 68 children is diagnosed with autism now in America

• The reported prevalence is steeply on the rise in recent years (indeed, it is the fastest-growing developmental disability).

• Over 3.5 million Americans live with autism, including 1.1 million children.

• Boys are nearly 5 times as likely as girls to have autism.

• Autism has taken on pandemic proportions, given the number of people involved and the rate of increase.

• The prevalence and increase are as baffling as they are staggering. Many ideas float around, but we do not know the causes yet.

• The average age of first diagnosis is over 4 years. This is astounding, because autism can be diagnosed at 4 MONTHS, and perhaps even at birth with the newest methods.

• Early intervention is crucial. This is a developmental disorder, which affects language and socialization. Children who are not diagnosed and treated early lose crucial years for learning these skills and are tragically less likely to get through schooling or achieve self-sufficiency.

• At Brain Power, we believe there is incredible power and beauty to the autistic mind, and tremendous amounts to offer to society and self, but that the characteristic symptoms and features impose a significant burden. Given the numbers above, we see it as a societal challenge — the world community stands to benefit if people on the autism spectrum achieve categorically better and reproducible assessment, and engaging tools to learn life skills, thus unlocking a roadmap to greater personal and societal contribution and happiness.

autism costs

• The cost of supporting children with autism is estimated at ~$60 Billion in the US, per year.

• For adults the cost is over $200 Billion, yearly.

• The average lifetime cost of caring for a person with autism in the US is $2.5 Million.

• These numbers do not even factor in the opportunity cost of lost or missed employment of the person with autism, which would be astronomical and almost incalculable.

• Costs can be resuced an estimated 2/3 simply by dagnosing autism early and administering even the standard care.

At Brain Power, our focus is on the practical: early intervention and high-quality, low-cost care.
Due to today’s brain sciences and advanced technologies, this has never been more possible!
We aim to apply our innovations to inform families so that they, in consultation with their doctors, can achieve a much earlier diagnosis; and then to provide them with engaging tools that go well beyond the standard care.

Temple Grandin

TEMPLE GRANDIN, the most well-known person with autism, is one of our heros. The Brain Power team has enjoyed and been fascinated by our long discussions with her; and her thinking (and books) have deeply influenced our approach and offerings. She also very much enjoyed trying on and wearing Google Glass at length, in multiple settings. Dr. Grandin has a web site with lots of resources: http://www.templegrandin.com/

AUTISM SPEAKS, the largest autism advocacy organization, maintains a web site packed with information and resources particularly useful to parents and to people on the spectrum. They are also interested in public-health aspects of autism, in the US and in countries around the world. The site is here: http://www.autismspeaks.org/.

GOOGLE has partnered with Autism Speaks, using their enormous computing capability to churn through genomics data from thousands of people with autism, to try to unravel the genetic mysteries of condition. Read more here.

ERIC COURCHESNE runs the Autism Center of Excellence in San Diego as part of the UC San Diego School of Medicine. They do extensive scientific research into Autism and maintain many informational and scholarly resources here.

MARTHA HERBERT, a doctor and researcher at Harvard Medical School has been researching and writing about autism for decades, and maintains a web site with resources and publications here.

WHAT IS NORMAL FOR YOUR CHILD: This page from the CDC has invaluable info on what your child should do at each stage of life. [link].


We will be adding more links here. If you have suggestions, please contact us.



Our Founder
Dr. Ned T. Sahin, PhD: Brain Power founder and CEO. Contact directly at: ned@brain-power.com

Dr. Sahin is a neuroscientist and neurotechnology entrepreneur. He holds degrees in neuroscience from Williams College (BA), MIT (Master’s), and Harvard (PhD), and completed post-doctoral fellowships at UCSD Medical School and the Salk Institute in San Diego. His academic work has been published in journals such as Science and Nature Neuroscience, and he has been invited and presented his research in dozens of cities across twelve countries.
   He also worked at Bell Labs and in startups and mid-sized companies, in Boston, San Diego, London and Dublin; and has been the Principal Investigator for five government contracts for wearable brain monitoring systems to assess and modulate cognitive states. Dr. Sahin founded Brain Power, LLC to bring neuroscience ideas and technological innovations to people who can directly benefit from them.
  Dr. Sahin is a hands-on leader of the growing Brain Power team, actively participating in coding software, as well as designing and producing hardware add-ons for Google Glass — to unlock the power of this nascent wearable platform to use it as a neuro-assistive device that in turn can unlock the power of your brain.     Contact directly at: ned@brain-power.com

Ned Sahin

Dr. Ned T. Sahin

CEO | PhD Neuroscientist & Entrepreneur

See the CEO bio above. Ned is excited to roll up the sleeves and help make a difference for society – to unlock the power of your brain!

Dr. Anthony Sossong

Doctor at Harvard Med | Autism Expert

A stalwart foundational team member, Dr. Sossong brings to the team his clinical experience with Autism Spectrum children in the Psychiatry & Neurology departments at Harvard Medical School / MGH, as well as experience as a software company CEO before his medical career. His wisdom, and expertise across the clinical, strategy, and technology-translation spectrum help propel Brain Power in a scientifically-based and practical direction.

Prof. Earl Miller

MIT Professor of Neuroscience

Prof. Miller is a long-time mentor and active participant for the Brain Power team and team members. The Picower Professor of Neuroscience at MIT, Earl has done seminal work in systems neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience, including on how the brain/mind forms abstract categories (a central challenge in autism). He brings prodigious scientific force and experience to our team, and expertise in managing large scientific projects, and teams.

Rafiq Abdus-Sabur

Education Software Expert, Entrepreneur, Educator

A scholar, former educator, and edu-tech entrepreneur, Rafiq is a Boston-area native and understands the real nature of our educational system. His graduate studies at Harvard gave him a theory-based toolset for educating those with special needs, grounded by his real-world and practical experience with the nuances of the educational system in action.

Dr. Arshya Vahabzadeh

Child Psychiatrist at Harvard | Health Strategy

Arshya Vahabzadeh, M.D., is a Harvard Medical School based physician, trained in both medicine and psychiatry. He is the incoming Chairman of the Council on Communications of the American Psychiatric Association and a consultant to Khan Academy, Neurolaunch, and Anthem. Dr. Vahabzadeh has published extensively in clinical neuroscience and neurobiology, and has over 20 awards from organizations including the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association.

Dr. Syd Cash, MD PhD

Neurologist & Professor at Harvard Med

Dr. Cash brings extensive clinical, clinical-trial, technological, medical-device, scholarly, and government-contract experience and wisdom to the Brain Power team. Syd is a Neurologist, Epileptologist and professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School / Mass. General Hospital. He is also a wonderful colleague and it is a great pleasure to have Syd on the Brain Power team.

Dr. Chris Robertson

Professor of Law / Bioethics

A professor of Law, with a PhD in bioethics before his law career, Dr. Robertson brings expertise, rigor, and even a rare scientific method (double-blind studies no less) to his practice and teaching of Law. Robertson has been a professor at Harvard Law, Washington University in St. Louis, and University of Arizona, where he now directs the Law and Behavior Research Lab. He helps Brain Power cogitate heavily and responsibly on the ethical issues of super-charging the human brain via technology.

Dr. Matt Coates

High Level Technical Problem Solver

With a doctoral degree from Oxford and extensive experience in industry and technology (in the US and UK), Dr. Coates is foremost a problem-solver. Having had several roles where his key task was to uncover and implement solutions that had been long missed by experts, his daring creative and technical thinking are much appreciated by the Brain Power team. His creativity and daring also extend to his leisure pursuits – ask him about hiking to the north pole.

We believe in the power of a well-chosen group, aligned toward a well-defined goal. Also, our mission cuts across multiple types of expertise. We are proud to take guidance from the proven experts on our several Boards.

    Our offerings are deeply rooted in science. Our Scientific Advisory Board of top scientists helps keep us current with the latest neuroscience and autism-related findings, and will help supervise fundamental-science research projects and publications.


    Though our goal is transformative positive change, only sound business practices will sustain our staff and allow us to reach that goal. Our Busines and Strategy Board helps keep our feet on the ground, in best practices, while we keep our eyes on the sky.


    Nothing can replace the insight, or dedication, of autism parents! We count on our carefully chosen and zealous Parents Board members for their honest guidance as to what will truly help their (and others') children.


    Our technologies provide cognitive enhancement. We target urgent need, but naturally want to help all. It is never too early to be proactive: our Ethics Board keeps internal discussions grounded in our desire neither to be nor allow evil.


    The • BRAINFOREST • is a fun and lively conversation. We meet when and where we can, sometimes virutally, and play in a field of stimulating ideas - always about tapping into the power of the brain. The company's new directions can be born here.

Note: Some Boards have a remaining opening. Apply to be considered — ceo@brain-power.com

The movers and shakers? Maybe, but more importantly:: the coders and the makers!

• Meet some of the brains who have fueled our projects.   •   Some have graduated; some power on!



















Yee Ling


Brain Power is delighted to enjoy strategic relationships that are friendly and mutually beneficial, with several synergistic companies and organizations:

InnerScope Research
Harvard University
Massachusetts General Hospital

Google, Google Glass, and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission.

All photos (except photo with Temple Grandin) taken by Ned T. Sahin.

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